Team UrFight Combat Sports Sponsorship Request

We have received your request

Thank you for your request of sponsorship with Urfight. If there was a delay in our response, we do apologize. We review and consider each applicant before we make our decision to work with each fighter.

UrFight is a marketing and branding company in Mixed Martial Arts. Our goal is to help fighters develop and expand their marketability and fan base. We can provide you with the necessary tools to expand your career and increase sponsorship revenue. We can provide the following services:

Graphic Design

Web Design

Web Marketing

Electronic Marketing

Full Color Printing


Business Consulting

We will treat you just as we would treat a business. We want to build your name as a brand so you can earn money outside the cage.

are looking at building partnerships with our fighters - We must work together to make this a mutually beneficial relationship.

Here is our offer to you:

Custom Team UrFight Shirt

Our Custom Team UrFight Shirt will give you the opportunity to show us your marketability. We will customize the back of our team shirt with your name and a few other extras. We will launch the shirt on our website for $15 each. Each shirt that is sold online will earn you $5 in UrBucks (Credits you can use for other gear / fighter shorts / print / banners / services). You will receive your shirt and the shirts that are ordered before your next fight. The UrFight Team shirt gives you a chance to show your marketability and effort with no financial risk to you. Please call our office if you have any questions on this program. We do have other programs that are available to you - Please call Paul Kaldy (VP of Fighter Relations) at (423) 297-1223.